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Mio DigiWalker

Mio DigiWalker has really started to make a name for itself in the GPS industry, offering features not available from top companies like Garmin and TomTom. Their newer line of navigational devices has become a favorite because they are feature packed and affordable. They all use 20 channel SiRF star III GPS receivers and TeleAtlas maps.

All Mio DigiWalker models c220, c230, c520,and  H610, offer an exceptional value for the price. The designs eliminate much of the unused frills of other brands, and focus on giving you the very best and easiest navigation system possible.

Available in several different models, the Mio DigiWalker is one of the easiest GPS Systems to use. The Mio DigiWalker is a slim and compact car navigation system built around a highly sensitive GPS receiver and intuitive touch screen interface. Pre-programmed with maps, POIs and turn-by-turn voice guidance, this system is easy-to-use and is ready out of the box. In addition to being a great navigation system for your vehicle, it can also function in pedestrian mode, in that mode the Mio will take you thru the shortest route ignoring the traffic direction of one way streets.

The Mio DigiWalker lets you set up a route with multiple stops, allowing you to see how long and how far each route segment is. The display can show time or distance to the next way point, or to your final destination. Through this feature the user has the option to test various way point options, and determine the best possible route. This feature also helps for applications that require multiple stops such as a Realtor showing homes, or a Sales Person making multiple presentation stops.

These GPS Systems are overall extremely reliable, picking up strong signal even in cities with tall buildings resulting in very accurate routing. This sensitivity can provide information for private roads in gated communities, which becomes especially helpful to find difficult addresses. The voice guidance through the speaker is very clear and load, even with extensive background noise.

The Mio DigiWalkers are slim and light weight, fitting into any shirt pocket, and with a long battery life, they can provide several hours of operation even when not connected to a power source.  The detailed information available on the display when set in "cockpit mode" is great, on the upper left corner it shows the next action (an arrow going right or left), under that it shows the distance to that action and the estimated time of arrival to your final destination. In addition you have four icons to zoom in and out on the map, and to alter the view from 2 to 3 dimensions.

With some of the latest models, you have the option from the home screen or main menu to select eight options. You can use the MioMap which is the actual navigation software on the device. You can play videos, audio, or look at pictures. You can use your mobile phone with the Bluetooth technology. You can access the stereo system which will allow you to search for Bluetooth headsets. There is a list of extra tools like a contact list, a calculator, and a file manager to manage files on your memory cards and the internal storage. The last option is a settings menu where you can customize your device.